UFC Star Conor McGregor Denies Sexual Assault Charges

By - September 16, 2020
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Conor McGregor has vigorously denied reports that the newly retired UFC superstar was arrested for sexual assault on a French Island recently. Specifically, he has been accused of exposing himself to a married woman in a bar.

According to Agence France Press, McGregor had a sexual assault, and sexual exhibitionism charge filed against him last Thursday. The news outlet said that a Corsica official reported that McGregor was arrested.

Accused of Attempted Sexual Assault and Sexual Exhibition

After a complaint on September 10, McGregor was accused of attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition, the police statement read.

The retired fighter’s representatives denied the accusations. Karen Kessler, a legal spokesperson for McGregor, told ESPN that he did not engage in any misconduct. She also said that he had been interviewed and released. His whereabouts are not known at this time.

Another representative, Audie Attar, from Paradigm Sports Management, said that she was irate and wanted to warn that McGregor will not be targeted by people who want to get a big headline or payday.

The 32-year-old Irishman announced his retirement in June for the third time. But ESPN reports that he has not filed paperwork yet. It could be that he will un-retire and fight again.

On Friday, McGregor reported that the US Anti-Doping Agency accessed his yacht to test him.

The Irishman said in a tweet that he wondered what is going on with UFC. USADA boarded his yacht to test him, and he said he was retired and did not understand why. This act fuels speculation that he will fight again.

So far, the Irishman has said he is innocent of the sexual assault charges, but he had to withdraw from a 24-hour charity bike race from Calvi to Monaco.

UFC President Dana White Comments on Case

UFC President Dana White said last week that he has no insider information about the sexual assault charges. However, he noted that he has an idea of what it is like to be as famous as McGregor after hanging around the Irishman a few years ago.

Based on that experience, White believes that the repeated brushes with the law outside the cage result from McGregor’s ‘crazy lifestyle.’

White said when you live a ‘crazy life,’ wild things will happen. Stars such as McGregor will try to go in public and be normal, but it is hard to do.

He also said he is not defending McGregor and does not know what happened in the most recent incident. But he does know that he has gone out with McGregor before, and the attention he gets is excessive and extraordinary.

A reporter asked White if McGregor’s alleged misdeeds are because he misdirected unused energy that he once used in the cage. White did not say that the Irishman is frustrated by a lack of fighting activity.

White Laid Into McGregor in the Past For Other Incidents

White has had harsh words for the ex-champ before. One incident was when the Irish star went wild, calling an infamous attack on a bus driver at UFC 223 one of the most disgusting things he has ever seen. The two also have argued behind the scenes before, but White always has said they have a good relationship.

White also said that he understood how McGregor attracted negative attention when he went out with him on the town one time. He said that he thought McGregor was spending way too much money on security. But when he entered a casino, he was utterly mobbed by fans. People were screaming, leaving their cash at tables, and running after him.

McGregor Last Fought in January

McGregor was in the ring for the last time in January 2020, when he returned from a two-year break, a failed bid to get the lightweight belt back by stopping Donald Cerrone at UFC 246.

Outside the octagon, the star has had repeated problems with law enforcement. He was accused of strong-arm robbery for knocking a cell phone from a fan’s hand, punching a man at a bar, and questioning sexual assault. At this point, his attorneys have been able to get him reduced charges and keep him out of jail. But he has paid a lot of fines.

McGregor won the featherweight UFC title in 2015 and 2016, and for lightweights from 2016 to 2018. He lost to American boxing great Floyd Mayweather in 2017, a match with a massive $130 million prize pool.