FBI Raid Oakland Mayor on Allegations of Laundered Donations Via Sex Trafficking Drug Ring

Oakland, CA – The city of Oakland is in turmoil following an FBI raid on the office and home of Mayor Sheng Thao. The raid, conducted on June 30, 2024, has uncovered shocking allegations that some Oakland government officials may have received political donations laundered through a sex trafficking and drug ring. The FBI Raid… Read More »

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Faces Criminal Charges as Grand Jury is Selected

In a surprising turn of events, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the multi-talented mogul renowned for his contributions to music, fashion, and entrepreneurship, finds himself at the center of a legal storm. As of June 2024, a grand jury has been selected to evaluate criminal charges against Combs, marking a significant moment in the life of one… Read More »

Sinaloa Drug Cartel Laundered Millions through Chinese Network in LA

The Sinaloa drug cartel, one of the most powerful and notorious criminal organizations in the world, has long been known for its involvement in the trafficking of drugs, primarily cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana, into the United States. However, recent investigations have shed light on the cartel’s sophisticated money laundering operations, which involve a complex… Read More »

United States Politicians Charged with a Crime in 2023-2024

The political landscape in the United States has been marked by several high-profile legal battles involving politicians charged with various crimes. This article provides a comprehensive list of notable U.S. politicians who faced legal charges in 2023 and 2024, exploring the nature of the charges, the details of the cases, and the broader implications for… Read More »

Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted on Federal Bribery Charges

The world of American politics has once again been rocked by allegations of corruption, as Senator Bob Menendez and his wife, Alicia Menendez, find themselves at the center of a new bribery scandal. These allegations mark the latest chapter in the controversy that has shadowed Senator Menendez’s career for years. In this article, we will… Read More »

Places with Most (and Least) Human Trafficking Cases in America

Human trafficking remains a critical issue in the United States, affecting thousands of lives each year. Victims, often vulnerable individuals, are exploited through coercion, deceit, and force. The latest data reveals alarming trends, with certain states and cities experiencing particularly high rates of human trafficking cases. The team at Federalcharges.com has analyzed the most recent… Read More »

Credit Suisse Busted By Feds In Cocaine and Cash Laundering Scheme

Credit Suisse was convicted last week by the Federal Criminal Court in Switzerland for failing to stop money laundering in the nation’s first criminal trials of one of its large banks. A former Credit Suisse worker was found guilty of money laundering in last week’s trial. The case involved testimony about murders and large amounts… Read More »

Nikola Motors Founder Trevor Milton Faces Federal Fraud Charges

The founder of electric truck company Nikola Motors, Trevor Milton, is facing federal fraud charges and also was hit with another charge last week related to purchasing a ranch in Utah. New York federal prosecutors charged Milton last week with a new wire fraud count. They allege he misrepresented Nikola’s financial affairs to convince the… Read More »