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Lawyer Help with Federal Sentencing Guidelines + Chart

A criminal justice system without punishments for people convicted of crimes would be pointless. Such a system could conclude that someone was guilty, but would not have the ability to do anything about it. Most people would not view the system as just and the system would do little to deter anyone else from committing… Read More »

Retired Four-Star General Pleads Guilty to Leaking Secrets

A former Joint Chiefs of Staff official pleaded guilty this week to releasing top secret information and making false statements related to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. The guilty plea was entered in Washington DC. The announcement from the Justice Department involved retired General James E. Cartwright, 67, from Gainesville VA. The announcement was… Read More »

GOP Congressman Wants Bribery Probe Over Kennedy Quid Pro Quo

A key Republican that heads the House Judiciary Committee wants a federal bribery probe after new documents published by the FBI featured claims that a top official in the State Department wanted a ‘quid pro quo’ with the FBI so they would downgrade the classifications of emails that were found on a Hillary Clinton server.… Read More »

Backpage.com CEO Arrested For Alleged Pimping on Website

Carl Ferrer, who is the CEO of the classified ad website Backpage.com, was placed under arrest in Texas this week at the airport in Houston. Ferrer is currently being investigated by Congress for his website’s alleged role in sex trafficking of both children and adults. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in… Read More »

Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in 2015-2016

One of the draws of national politics in the US and countries around the globe is money and power. Many politicians get involved in national politics to enrich themselves above all else. But which politicians are the most corrupt as of 2015 and 2016? Here’s a list of 10 corrupt politicians who took advantage of… Read More »

Oregon Teen Facing Federal Charges for 1 Gram of Marijuana

A teenager in Oregon is getting ready to head off to college like many young Americans, but hanging over his head is a huge problem: a federal drug charge. The Department of Justice has charged Devontre Thomas with the federal crime of possessing a gram of marijuana. While this is a misdemeanor, it still is… Read More »

‘’Breaking Bad” Virginia Mayor Busted in Meth-for-Sex Scandal

Richard Silverthorne is the mayor of Fairfax VA by day, and a substitute teacher in Fairfax County VA public schools. But if federal agents are right, Silverthorne allegedly has another job: meth dealer. Silverthorne was arrested by federal agents this week and charged with felony distribution of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, Fairfax… Read More »

New Criminal Charges Brought in Flint MI Water Crisis

CNN reported last week that reports from two agencies in Michigan in July 2015 were altered or buried to cover up the lead water contamination problem in Flint, Michigan. State Attorney General Bill Schuette stated in a press conference that six current and former state employees were charged with federal crimes in a criminal investigation… Read More »