Comic Andy Dick Arrested On Felony Battery Charges

By - May 13, 2022
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Comedian and actor Andy Dick, 56, was placed under arrest in Orange County, CA, this week on felony sexual battery charges, according to the county sheriff’s department.

Police say the encounter was reported on Wednesday at 10 am. A male called the police and said he had been molested by Dick in his sleep. Law enforcement later took him to the hospital to check if there was evidence of an assault.

The sexual battery arrest was shown live on a YouTube account that films from the RV park where Dick lives. In the Youtube video, one can see Dick being escorted by police towards their vehicles from the RV in which he lives. Dick also was searched and handcuffed. The police also were seen entering his RV with rubber gloves.

In the video, the alleged victim JJ said he had woken up and it felt like he had lotion spread on his rear end that he didn’t put there. Later in the video, the man is seen confronting the comedian, but he seemed more interested in illegal drugs.

Dick is heard asking, “Did you take my cocaine?” JJ said he didn’t and then asked him why Dick assaulted him in his sleep.

As of Thursday, Dick was being held at Orange County Jail on $25,000 bail.

In April, Dick also was visited by the police in Las Vegas when they checked on his wellbeing. It was alleged that a man who lived in the house where Dick was living pulled a gun on a live Youtube video.

Web viewers thought that Dick’s life was in danger. But when the police arrived and spoke to the comedian, he said he was ok and was staying, so the police left.

Dick’s Long History Of Legal Problems

Andy Dick has had brushes with the law for many years. Below is a sampling:


Dick was arrested in Murrieta, CA, for alleged drug possession and sexual battery. He allegedly exposed the breasts of a 17-year-old. He pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and misdemeanor battery.


The comedian pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and sexual battery. He was accused of grabbing a woman’s rear on a sidewalk in Los Angeles that April. Dick also was accused of feeling up cast members and crew on the set of an independent film. He denied the allegations, saying:

“I didn’t grope anyone. I might have kissed someone on their cheek to say bye, then I licked them. That’s my thing; I once licked Carrie Fisher at a party. It’s just me trying to be funny.”

Dick was eventually fired from the film.

He also was arrested in 2018 for assaulting a man with a weapon and was released after he posted bond. His fiancee, Elisa Jordana, said that she had the situation with Dick wasn’t good, adding that every day that week, “there was some sort of problem” with him.

Another incident that year was for misdemeanor sexual battery after a Lyft driver accused him of touching his crotch.


Dick was arrested in November 2019 for felony domestic battery after he struck his lover with a bottle. However, he was released three hours later after he posted a $50,000 bond. Dick was eventually acquitted of the felony domestic battery charges.

Dick has stated before that he regularly struggles with alcohol and drug abuse and has been in rehab at least 20 times.

TV’s Judge Hatchett Allegedly Groped By By Georgia Sheriff

Allegations of sexual assault and battery have been in the news this month involving other celebrities.

Judge Glenda Hatchett, who oversees paternity and small claims cases on two reality court TV shows, told the press she was groped by a sheriff in Georgia, who faces a sexual battery charge.

People Magazine spoke to Chief of Staff Na’eema Rashad at Hatchett’s law firm based in Atlanta. Rashad said that Hatchett was the victim of a sexual battery incident that happened in January 2022 in an Atlanta bar and hotel. The magazine said it named Hatchett in the allegations because she agreed to be identified to increase awareness of sexual assault.

Hatchett told the police that she was felt up at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Bar when she went to the Georgia Sheriffs Association meeting. She was at the conference as a guest of Thomas Brown, former DeKalb County Sheriff.

The state arrest warrant alleges that Bleckley County Sheriff Chris Koody grabbed the judge’s chest on January 18.

Brown told the media that the alleged incident happened a few seconds after Coody and other sheriffs were introduced to her. The show Judge Hatchett was aired between 2000 and 2008.

Brown also said that he saw the incident and stopped it. Brown noted that he turned to the left to focus on the two. Then, Brown saw Coody’s hand touch her left breast. He added that he asked the sheriff what he was doing, and that’s where the incident ended.

Coody surrendered himself to the sheriff in Cobb County on Feb. 4. The arrest warrant was issued on January 28.

Coody stated on February 8 that he was out of the United States attending a church mission trip that had been scheduled for over a year when he heard about the arrest warrant. He can back early from the trip to surrender to the police.

The statement from the sheriff’s office added that Coody takes the sexual battery charges very seriously and he has retained an attorney.