Comedian Andy Dick Charged With Assault With Deadly Weapon

By - June 30, 2021
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Comedian Andy Dick has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to The New York Post.

Elisa Jordana talked about the violent incident this week on YouTube, noting that Dick attacked her and his boyfriend Lucas with a chair, noting that Dick could have killed the man.

Jordana suggested that Lucas was taken to an LA hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

LAPD Arrested Troubled Comedian On June 26

The Los Angeles Police Department announced it had arrested the erratic comedian on June 26. Jordana said on her Kermit and Friends YouTube show that Dick can get aggressive when drunk and is ‘spinning out of control.’.

Over the years, Dick has had several incidents with law enforcement and has been in and out of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

After he was arrested, Dick claimed that his lover Lucas Crawford broke his leg in the fight, claiming that the man ‘body-slammed my leg.’ However, he noted that his femur was broken, and he also suffered a broken ankle and damaged ligaments and tendons in the lower leg.

A spokeswoman for the comedian said that Lucas went to Andy’s apartment that day in a bad mood, and the men were fighting, but then things took a serious turn.

At that point, Dick claims he acted in self-defense, saying that he became afraid and tried to limp away on his injured leg. That’s when he grabbed a chair and threw it at Lucas.

His representative said that Dick didn’t want to report the incident to the police. She also noted that Dick has tried to help his friend several times with money and a place to live when he needed it.

Long List Of Legal Problems Goes Back To 2019

Dick has had several run-ins with law enforcement, including a charge of groping an Uber driver in 2019, and misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor sexual battery after he allegedly grabbed a woman’s buttocks.

Also, he was cashiered from an indie film in 2018 after he allegedly groped crew and cast members on set. Dick denied the charges but said he might have kissed people on the cheek ‘and then licked them.’

Years earlier, the comedian damaged a share house, ran naked through a New York town, and tried to get involved in a threesome by groping a woman’s husband.

More problems with the troubled comic include:

  • In 2019, he got 14 days in jail for committing sexual battery after he squeezed a woman’s buttocks, but he was released after only a day.
  • In 2018, Dick pleaded not guilty to a count of misdemeanor sexual battery for groping the crotch of an Uber driver.
  • Also, in 2018, his ex-wife filed a restraining order against Dick, which the judge granted. He also was ordered to move out of the home and stay at least 100 yards from the woman and their children.
  • In 2010, he was arrested for groping a patron and a bouncer at a West Virginia bar. These charges were dismissed after he finished a diversion program. The comic later settled a civil lawsuit.
  • In 2008, Dick went up to a 17-year-old in California, grabbed her t-shirt and bra, and pulled it down to expose her breast.
  • In 2007, he groped Ivanka Trump during an interview on a late-night show.

Comedian Claims He’s Not Addicted To Booze And Drugs

Dick noted shortly after his arrest that he was drinking when the incident happened, but he is not addicted to drugs and alcohol. He said that he doesn’t take drugs anymore and he rarely drinks.

His representatives say that Dick has been sober on and off for years, noting that he has acknowledged his substance issues.

Dick also said that he is displeased with his fiancee Elisa Jordana, who has publicly talked about the incident. However, they are still engaged and are trying to work through their issues. They called The New York Post’s Page Six to talk about the entire incident.

The call to the tabloid turned into an odd therapy session, with each party going back and forth about problems in the relationship.

Jordana said that the week the incident happened with Lucas was the worst in a long time, noting that his temper kept getting worse.

She added that she was happy he was in jail briefly so that he could calm down. Jordana also said that many of the people that Dick is around in prison are more dangerous than he is, implying this could help him.

When they went out to dinner just before the blow-up with his boyfriend, Jordana said that Dick was in ‘rare form,’ as he stole wine glasses, plates, and cutlery. Then he asked for a doggie bag so he could put the stolen items in it.

Whatever is the outcome of the latest Dick incident, many in the industry assume it won’t be the last.