Grammy-Winning Producer Detail Charged With 12 Counts of Sexual Assault

By - August 12, 2020
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Detail, the Grammy-winning producer behind sensantional hits from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Nick Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, and Beyonce, was arrested this week on at least a dozen charges of sexual assault.

The producer, 41, whose birth name is Noel Christopher Fisher, was being held on more than $6 million bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The high amount of bail reflects the dire nature of the many charges. At this time, Detail is sitting in an LA County jail. It is unknown if he will make bail.

Detail was charged July 31 with five counts of felony assault and 15 counts of sexual assault. The crimes he is accused of allegedly occurred between 2010 and 2018.

LA detectives handed over the case to the LA County district attorney’s office at the beginning of the year. They have been working the case for months collecting evidence and finally made it public this week.

Detail Will Probably Plea Not Guilty

Detail’s attorney stated that his client was arrested this week, and he had not talked to him or seen the charges. Irwin Mark Bledstein said his client would probably enter a not guilty plea and contest the sexual assault charges. Given the many charges against his client, the attorney will likely have a tough challenge ahead of him.

Detail garnered a Grammy in 2015 for co-writing the hit Drunk in Love with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

In 2019, an aspiring singer and model received a $15 million settlement in an LA lawsuit that accused Detail of raping and abusing her. She has yet to collect on that money.

The court documents in that lawsuit allege that the woman, who was an aspiring actress and model, rented an apartment in LA and was raped by Detail on seven different occasions. The alleged victim’s attorney stated the victim filed a restraining order against him and told law enforcement att hee time the complaint was recorded in 2019. The other five defendants alleging sexual assault have lawsuits pending with different attorneys.

She is one of several women, some established singers and actresses, and other entertainment industry newcomers that have spoken out against Fisher’s sexual advances.

At least two former Detail assistants have filed their own lawsuits. Fisher has said in court documents in those lawsuits that the allegations are false and have led to him losing work and being evicted from his apartment.

According to the LA police department, most of the women were between 18 and 31 at the time of the alleged assaults. One of the women said that she was raped more than once between 2015 and 2017. Another said she was raped twice in 2018.

Fisher Hit it Big in the Mid-2000s

Detail first rose to prominence as a music producer working with Ray J in 2005. He got his first major hit with the R&B singer’s 2007 song Sexy Can I. Later, and he produced hits such as Lil Wayne’s 2011 song How to Love and Beyonce’s 2013 hit Drunk in Love, which got him his Grammy. He also has produced with Jennifer Lopez, Future, Wiz Khalifa, and Kelly Rowland.

Jessie Reyez Accused Detail of Sexual Misconduct in 2018

Jessie Reyez said the producer sexually assaulted her in 2018, and Bebe Rexha accused him of touching her inappropriately in the studio. Both singers spoke out after two other women Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley filed restraining orders against him. They alleged that he raped and beat them and forced them to engage in sex acts in front of other people.

Sexual Assault Charges Less Common in The Must Industry

While there have been many sexual misconduct and assault charges flying around Hollywood movie studios the past several years, they have not been as standard in the music industry.

In March, Republic Records fired Charlie Welk after a review inside the company found that sexually inappropriate behavior occurred. The Time’s Up Movement recently released a letter telling the music business to no longer work with R. Kelly, who has been accused of several sexual misconduct and assault incidents. This week, Spotify took action against R. Kelly by removing his music from their platform.

If Detail is convicted on all charges, he could receive 225 years to life in state prison. There has been no word on when his first court appearance will be.

Los Angeles detectives believe there could be more sexual assault victims based on the nature of the alleged crimes. They have asked people with any information about additional alleged sex crimes involving Detail to call the LA police department.