Texas Embezzlement Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Embezzlement laws provide the various elements that the state has to be able to prove if they wish to convict someone who misappropriated property or money that they were caring for. Usually, these cases are trialed at state level, which means the penal code is applicable. However, embezzlement can be trialed both as a felony… Read More »

Texas Drug Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Texas has very strict laws when it comes to the possession, trafficking, distribution and manufacturing of controlled substances and narcotics. In most cases, people face fines, custodial sentences, probation and loss of driver’s license. The information below should serve as a general guideline only, as the drug charges laws in Texas are subject to change.… Read More »

Texas Drug Conspiracy Laws + Penalities & Statute of Limitations

Conspiracy charges related to entering an agreement with someone else surrounding the intent to commit an illegal act or crime. A lot of people automatically assume that conspiracy always involves a group of people or other types of organized crime. However, most conspiracy charges are placed when a person has entered an agreement with at… Read More »

Texas Counterfeit Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitations

If a good is an unauthorized reproduction, even if it appears to come from a legitimate source, it is likely that the crime of counterfeiting has been committed. The offense involves both the creation of these goods or documents, altering these goods or documents and purchasing these goods or documents. Trafficking of counterfeit goods is… Read More »

Texas Credit Card Fraud Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitation

Credit card fraud involves acts of fraud relating to using credit cards. Although a modern crime, it is one that is often very difficult to prove, which is why it is believed to be so popular. Prosecutors have to be able to prove that the intent was to receive benefits through the acts of fraud,… Read More »

Texas Corruption Charges And Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

In Texas, corruption is classed as a type of racketeering. This comes under the RICO – Racketeer-Influence and Corrupt Organization – Act. Corruption means that a business or act is run illegally as part of organized crime. In other words, criminal organizations like the mafia are not able to profit from a legitimate business (which… Read More »

Texas Extortion & Blackmail Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitations

In Texas, the extortion law charges people with theft. Extortion is the act of gaining money or property through threat of violence, force, harm to reputation, property damage or unfavorable government action. There is a difference between extortion and robbery, however, in as such that there is no immediate or imminent fear or danger of… Read More »

Texas Federal Charges + Sentencing, Hearings & Statute of Limitations

What can you expect if you are arrested for a federal crime in Texas? First of all, you will be informed by the government of the charges being filed against you. After you are informed of the federal charges, you will probably be kept in federal custody in Texas until your preliminary hearing. About the… Read More »