Statute of Limitations in California by Crime

In all states, there are time limits to file lawsuits and civil actions known as statutes of limitations. The civil statute of limitations in California is similar to other states. Depending upon the type of case, the statute of limitations can be from one to 10 years. Statutes of limitations are designed to create practicality… Read More »

California Grand Larceny Laws, Charges and Statute of Penalties

Grand larceny, which is referred to as grand theft in California, can involve property of various types, including money, personal property, real property and the value of labor and services. Grand larceny or grand theft can happen without the knowledge of the owner, but it also may occur where the owner entrusts property to you… Read More »

California Bank Fraud Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Bank fraud in California is a crime that takes place when people use illegal means to receive assets or money from a bank or similar financial institution. Bank fraud is different to bank robbery because the perpetrator keeps the crime a secret in the hopes that it won’t be noticed. Bank fraud in California can… Read More »

California Money Laundering Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Money laundering generally involves financial transactions that are made to hide criminal activity or to process funds that are made through criminal enterprises. Money laundering laws are covered in California Penal Code Sections 186.9.186-10. Money laundering in California is defined as the transfer of money obtained from illegal activity to legitimate outlets or banks.In California,… Read More »

California Insurance Fraud Charges And Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Insurance Fraud in California is defined by the act of providing dishonest information or performing an illegal activity for the purpose of gaining something of value that he or she would not have otherwise obtained. There are three main types of insurance fraud, including: Unemployment Insurance Fraud- Penal Code §§ 2101 and 2102 Unemployment insurance… Read More »

California Extortion & Blackmail Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitations

Under California law (Penal Code 518), the crime of extortion or blackmail occurs when the following occurs: You use threats or force to compel someone to give you property or money. You use threats or force to compel a public official to perform an act. If you are a public official, you use your office… Read More »

California Embezzlement Penalties & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Embezzlement under California law is treated as a type of property theft. It happens when a person who was entrusted to manage or monitor another person’s property or money steals it for their own personal gain. The key from a legal perspective is the defendant had the legal access to the property or money but… Read More »

California Guns, Weapons & Firearms Penalties & Charges

California has many laws regarding the possession of guns, weapons and firearms, and it can be confusing about what is illegal or legal. Some of the weapons charges in California include: Carrying a concealed firearm Improper handling of a gun in a car Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or firearm Possession of a deadly… Read More »

California Manslaughter Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Homicide, which is the unlawful killing of another person, can result in a murder or manslaughter charge in California, depending upon the circumstances. For the crime to be charged as murder, the prosecutor must show you had ‘malice aforethought.’ This refers to intentions, planning and decisions related to the death of the other person. Malice… Read More »