Illinois Embezzlement Charges & Penalties + Statute of Limitations

In many cases, embezzlement is classified as a federal offense. However, that does not mean states do not have their own statutes to deal with it and Illinois is no exception. In this state, someone who is entrusted with property for safekeeping but then uses it for themselves is guilty of embezzlement. It is not… Read More »

Illinois Mail Fraud Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitations

When it comes to white collar crime, mail fraud is probably the most common offense committed in the United States. Most likely the reason for the prevalence of this type of crime is that it encompasses just about any illegal activity that could be done through the postal service. According to Title 18 of the… Read More »

Illinois Racketeering Laws & Charges + Statute Of Limitations

In 1970, the US Congress passed the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act to combat racketeering in Illinois and across America. This is a type of white collar, organized crime where illegal organizations use legitimate businesses to embezzle funds and engage in a variety of criminal activities that can include conspiracy and many other… Read More »

Illinois Sex Crime Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

The crime of sexual misconduct can take many different forms. The laws governing sexual assault and sexual abuse can be found under Section 12 of the state penal code. When it comes to terminology, the state of Illinois does not use the term ‘rape’ when it refers to sex crimes, but instead uses the term… Read More »

Illinois Grand Larceny & Theft Laws + Penalties

In the state of Illinois, larceny and theft are described as an action against a person, business, or organization which involves the intent to commit and action of the unauthorized taking of money, services, or property. This can include what is recognized as petty theft and more advanced versions of theft up to and including… Read More »

Illinois Healthcare Fraud Penalties + Laws & Charges

Cornell University defines healthcare fraud as any submission of data to a healthcare system with the intention of turning a profit. Despite this definition, healthcare fraud can take place in a number of ways. Practitioners can acquire subsidized drugs and then sell them on the black market for a profit. They can also file forms… Read More »