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VIDEO: Violent Woman in Viral Memorial Day Beach Arrest Indicted

A woman who was arrested on a New Jersey beach last Memorial Day and was captured in viral video has been indicted on several federal charges. Emily Weinman, 20, has been indicted by a Cape May County grand jury on charges that include aggravated assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids, and… Read More »

Federal Indictment Issued for Man Who Sold Ammo to Las Vegas Shooter

A man from Arizona who sold rifle ammunition to Stephen Paddock, the man who massacred dozens of people in Las Vegas last year, has been indicted on federal charges on a single count of manufacturing ammunition with no license. Douglas Haig was charged earlier in 2018 with the manufacture of armor-piercing bullets after federal officers… Read More »

GOP Congressman Indicted for Conspiracy, Misuse of Campaign Funds, and Fraud

This week, Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) was indicted on federal charges that include conspiracy, corruption, wire fraud and violation of campaign finance laws involving funds of at least $250,000. One particularly politically explosive charge was allegedly buying a pair of Hawaii-style shorts at a golf course for his personal use so that he could report… Read More »

West Virginia House Panel Votes to Impeach All WV Supreme Court Justices

Political history was made this week when the West Virginia House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach the entire West Virginia Supreme Court. On August 7, the state House panel in West Virginia adopted articles of impeachment against every sitting justice: Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Robin Davis, Justice Beth Walker and Justice Allen Loughry. Loughry… Read More »

Seagram’s Heiress Busted for Racketeering and Sex Cult

Federal charges have been filed against Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman, who allegedly used her family fortune to buy an island, a private plane, and to bankroll a sex cult. This week, the 39 year old who is worth approximately $200 million, was arrested on federal racketeering charges for her role in operating the Nxivm… Read More »

Theranos Founder and CEO Indicted on Federal Wire Fraud Charges

Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was indicted last week on federal wire fraud charges, according to the office of the US Attorney for the Northern District of California. According to media reports, Holmes and former Theranos COO Ramesh Balwani were allegedly engaged in a scheme worth millions of dollars to defraud investors, as well… Read More »

Lego and Disney World Employees Arrested in Child Porn Bust

The Polk County FL sheriff’s office announced earlier this week that state investigators arrested 11 suspects in a child porn sting in central Florida. Some of them were employed by Disney World and Merlin Entertainments, which is owned by Merlin Entertainments. Altogether, 660 felony charges were filed against the child pornography suspects, but more could… Read More »

Hot Australian Model Busted for Black Market Steroid Operation

On social media, the Australian model Nateesha Barlin looks beautiful and glamorous. The photos show a glamorous lifestyle and one of luxury that she enjoys with her beau Dylan Shaw. But the 23 year old stunner has not always been as glamorous as she shows on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, she said on Facebook… Read More »

Former NY Attorney General Assaulted, Abused, Threatened Women

Eric Schneiderman, the former attorney general for New York, was long a liberal Democratic backer of women’s rights. He recently became a central figure in the #MeToo movement that has fought sexual harassment. As the highest ranking law enforcement officer in New York, Schneiderman, 63, used his authority to take action against Harvey Weinstein and… Read More »

War Vet Scams Government Out of $700k in Benefits Fraud

After 25 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a big change in the makeup and size of the US veterans’ population. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Gulf War veterans, which is defined as those who served from the start of Operation Deserts Shield in 1990 to today, are the… Read More »

Huge, 4 Million Bottle French Wine Fraud Exposed

French government officials this week revealed shocking details of a massive fraud that was committed by a major wine bottler in the Rhone, believed to be Raphael Michel, where as much as 15% of all Cotes du Rhone wine was falsely labeled. According to a press release offered by the Direction generale de la concurrence… Read More »

‘Groping’ TX Senator Convicted in Federal Fraud Trial

Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti, who was accused of sexually assaulting and groping several women, was found guilty today on several federal fraud charges. Over the month-long trial, the Democrat lawmaker was painted by state prosecutors as a man who was desperate for cash. He lured several investors to investing in a frac sand company… Read More »

Pedophile Hunter Sentenced to 23 Years for Vigilante Assaults

A man from Anchorage, Alaska who termed himself an ‘avenging angel seeking justice’ was sentenced last week to 23 years in federal prison for assault and robbery charges. Local media reported the 42 year old man, Jason Vukovich, was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to one assault charge and one robbery charge. Vukovich assaulted three… Read More »

Jay Mafia Rapper Busted for Flashing Firearms on YouTube

Jayson Howard Moore, a convicted felon and fledgling rapper, made the unfortunate decision this month of flashing handguns and shotguns in several gangsta rap videos posted online. Federal agents will ensure that these will be his last rap videos for quite awhile. Because the Dallas rapper and gang member – known as Jay Mafia –… Read More »

Ex-Trump Campaign Official Hit With More Federal Charges

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office last week issued a new set of federal charges – including tax fraud and bank fraud counts – against ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and business associate Rick Gates. The 32-count federal indictment issued by a Virginia federal grand jury has 25 new federal charges against Manafort and Gates, who… Read More »

Cop Killer Dirtbag Kills Alabama Officer After Standoff

A former ‘police officer of the month’ in Alabama who had only been on the police force for two years was shot and killed earlier this week after a murder suspect barricaded himself in his house. The shooter was identified as Robert Hollie, and he also died. It is unclear at this time if she… Read More »

13 Russians Indicted for US Election Interference

A federal grand jury last week indicted 13 Russians and three Russian corporations for alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. The case is being brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that has detailed a sophisticated attempt to engage in information warfare against the US to influence the election. The Russian citizens are being accused… Read More »

19-Year-Old Nutjob Murders 17 Teens in Florida High School

Yesterday a 19-year-old former student named Nikolas Cruz returned to the high school he had been expelled from for disciplinary reasons, and went on a shooting rampage. He killed at least 17 people and wounded dozens more. He has been charged with premeditated murder. Investigators say the suspect pulled a fire alarm at Marjory Stoneman… Read More »