James Bond Director Accused of Grooming and Sexual Harassment

By - May 16, 2022
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James Bond film director Cary Fukunaga was accused last week of sexual harassment and grooming by three young women actresses, who were of legal age during their consensual relationships with the 44-year-old. Fukunaga was the director of the last 007 movie No Time To Die with Daniel Craig.

Pro-Abortion Instagram Post Leads To Sex Allegations

The sex allegations came after Fukunaga made a post on his Instagram saying he supported the right to abortion after a Supreme Court leak revealed the Roe v Wade ruling may be overturned or significantly changed by next month.

Fukunaga wrote in his report that the Supreme Court is going to ‘push us one step closer to war with ourselves…by legitimizing a war against women’s rights.’

One of the accusers is the professional skateboarder and actress Rachelle Vinberg, 23. She says she met the Fukunaga after he was the director for a commercial the day after her 18th birthday and was legally of age. The pair had a consensual sexual relationship that ended when

Vinberg was 21.

Vinberg said Fukunaga groomed and abused her, even though she was old enough for the consensual relationship. She wrote on Instagram that she was upset because ‘he literally doesn’t care about women. He just traumatizes them and I spend years being scared of him. Man’s a groomer – beware.’

In the days after the post, she continued with more comments and videos on Instagram Story. She said after they first met, he befriended her and would message her a lot on Instagram. They discussed his earlier romantic history and being lonely in general.

He also sent her posts that had a large vegetable that resembled a penis. When they were together publicly, Vinberg said the director told her to lie about their relationship. ‘He asked me to pretend I was his niece or cousin in front of others.’ He always wanted to hide what their true relationship was, she noted.

After their relationship was over, she heard he told people that he was the second person Vinberg had been with. Next, the woman sought treatment for PTSD, and she still sees a therapist as she remembers daily what he did to her.

Vinberg posted that people who know Fukunaga well know that he has many questionable relationships with young women. ‘They all know he is a predator and they talk about it a lot when he isn’t around, but they never do anything.’

The actress said she attempted to reach out to discuss their ‘inappropriate relationship,’ but he never responded or took responsibility. Then, she discovered there are other young women he did this will and understood it was a pattern.

Twins Had Off-On Relationship With Fukunaga

Two other women, twins Cailin and Hannah Loesch, met him during the filming of the 2018 Netflix show Maniac when they were 20. They said they also had a relationship with him for three years. They also said they were invited by the director to London when he filmed No Time To Die.

The twins wrote on social media that Fukunaga arrived at their home in Pennsylvania and asked them for a hot tub threesome. They said the director added that ‘incest is ok if everyone agrees to it.’

Further, they charge that he showed them a screening of No Time To Die in his bedroom. He allegedly massaged Cailin’s leg with his hand under her dress. Then, they claim, he pulled her on top of him.

They wrote on social media that Cailin lay there on top of him, limp, afraid to do anything. She was, they said, terrified to agree or disagree with the action. Then she got off him. He ‘seemed disappointed,’ they said, but invited them to do LSD and MDMA at his home. But they declined.

After he left their home, Cailin told the director to his face that she didn’t want to speak to him anymore, asking if ‘he knew how bad this would all look’ if it came out in the MeToo era. That was the last time either sister saw him in person.

Another Actress Claims She Was Fired For Refusing A Nude Scene

Additionally, another actress, Raeden Greer, claimed last year she was canned from the True Detective TV show, which Fukunaga directed, when she wouldn’t do a nude scene. Greer added that she lost the role to a show extra who said she would do the scene.

Interestingly, Fukunaga has a reputation in the industry for forming real female characters that are stereotypes or contrivances. He received wide praise for having screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge help him with the No Time To Die script to make the screen women as real as possible.

Fukunaga told The Hollywood Reporter that the James Bond character cannot be changed into another person in a day. But ‘you can definitely change the world around him and how he functions there.’

However, it is clear that Fukunaga had a considerable negative impact on several young women in his personal life. It should be pointed out that all of the women were of legal age when the sexual relationships happened.

Yet, while the women were not criminally abused, raped, or fired from a job, they still feel a ‘bad sting’ when they see his images or video. They walked away willingly from him, even though he has a reputation as the ‘honorable creator’ who brought a feminine touch to the James Bond film franchise.