Russian Beauty Attempts Murder on Lookalike With Poisoned Cheesecake

By - March 3, 2018
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A woman in New York City allegedly tried to give a friend a poisoned piece of cheesecake before stealing her identity. She has now been charged with attempted murder. It also turns out that she has been engaging in many crimes for years in both the US and Russia, and some of those crimes may have involved murder or attempted murder.

Russian national Viktoria Nasyrova, 42, was arraigned this week on attempted murder, assault and burglary after she was arrested in March 2017. According to the Queens district attorney, this is a twisted and bizarre crime that could have killed a woman. Her only fault was that she looks somewhat like the defendant.

The alleged incident occurred in August 2016 when Nasyrova visited the home of Olga Tsvyk, the 35 year old crime victim. Nasyrova brought her a gift cheesecake. The district attorney added that both of the women have dark hair, the same type of complexion and speak fluent Russian.

The woman ate some of the cheesecake, got ill and fell over. Before she passed out, her last memory was of the defendant sitting beside her in the Queens home. Tsvyk stated that the dessert was given as a gift and was a plain cheesecake. It tasted like regular cheesecake, but it apparently was laced with some type of tranquilizer that caused her to loss consciousness.

The next day, a friend found the victim was unconscious in her bed, dressed in lingerie and had pills scattered around her body as if the woman tried to commit suicide. She was treated at a nearby hospital. When she got home, she found that her employment authorization and passport were gone, as well as cash and a gold ring.

The evil woman came back to the apartment the next day and provided Tsvyk with poisoned soup that put her into a coma. She was in the hospital for three days recovering.

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security tested the dessert and found that if had been laced with phenazepam, a Russian tranquilizer. The pills had the same drug in them as the cheesecake.

Tsvyk told the police that Nasyrova was one of her eyelash clients for six months before the alleged attacks occurred. She thinks that the woman probably targeted her from the beginning for murder and identity theft because the two women look so much alike. It was hard for her to understand why Nasyrova was coming to her shop in Queens from Brooklyn, as there are probably hundreds of similar salons close to her home.

In addition to her involvement in the poisoning, Nasyrova is in prison on Rikers Island in New York City for stealing from men she met at dating sites online. According to her statements in the media, she and the men satisfied each other in a sexual way. The woman said that she was giving those men what they could not get at home. They were almost all married men who wanted to be humiliated in S&M scenarios. She said these were the type of men that really wanted to be women but they could not ever admit it.

She also has been accused of drugging and killing a woman in Russia before she came to New York. The Russian woman has denied those charges and maintains that she is not a killer.

However, she did end up killing her ex-boyfriend’s pet beagle in another poisoning plot. She said that the dog had not been feeling well and she gave it some poison so that it would die and be in no more pain.

Back in Russia, Nasyrova was suspected of being involved in the disappearance of two apartment owners in Russia. Also, she is suspected of killing a neighbor in Krasnodar, a large city in western Russia. Her body was found in a rental car and her name was Alla Alekseenko.

The woman was Nasyrova’s neighbor. When she died, she had just sold her mother’s apartment for $53,000. In that case, the victim’s daughter told the police that she got a text message supposedly from her missing mother right after she disappeared. The woman said the note told her not to worry about her and she would tell her where she was soon.

But that text message came in soon after a traffic camera showed her mother dead in the passenger seat of her car on the day she diseappeared in October 2014. That woman’s body was found several months later and the investigators also found $17,000 in jewels and cash missing from her home. Nasayrova denied any part of that murder.

But she was able to get out of Russia while under investigation by having sex with a police officer. By November 2014, she had left Russia and moved to New York City. After she rented her apartment in Sheepshead Bay, police said she was enjoying a lavish lifestyle of furs and diamonds that were given to her by men she had sex with. It is alleged that she drugged and robbed most of the men before she moved on.

Nasayrova eventually was found by a private detective named Herman Weisberg. A good Samaritan who knew the daughter of the woman murdered in Russia was put in touch with him and told him the story. She offered to pay whatever she had to for the evil woman to be tracked down and arrested. Weisberg found the woman was using Facebook but under a different name. After the PI look at pictures of her, he realized the stitching on the car seat in one of her selfies was unique to very expensive Chryslers. He had some of his investigative team look in Sheepshead Bay until the vehicle was found. After that, they did a stakeout and they eventually found Nasayrova.

Nasyrova is facing up to 25 years in prison if she has been convicted of the poisoning plot. It is unknown if she will face additional murder charges in Russia. She is next due in court on May 25.