Jay Mafia Rapper Busted for Flashing Firearms on YouTube

By - February 26, 2018
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Jayson Howard Moore, a convicted felon and fledgling rapper, made the unfortunate decision this month of flashing handguns and shotguns in several gangsta rap videos posted online. Federal agents will ensure that these will be his last rap videos for quite awhile.

Because the Dallas rapper and gang member – known as Jay Mafia – is a convicted felon and spent time in prison for armed robbery, he is prohibited from possessing firearms. If he is convicted on these federal firearms charges, he could receive up to 10 years in federal prison.

Moore, 34, was arrested in 2015 after a police officer got a tip about what he was up to and watched his videos. He has been charged in federal court with being a felon possessing firearms. In 2016, the man’s indictment was updated to include production of child pornography. He could receive additional years in prison if convicted on the child pornography charge.

Moore was at first deemed to be incompetent to stand trial, according to federal court records. His attorney appointed by the court told the judge in 2017 that the man was going to rely on the insanity defense. Moore however rejected this in letters to the court and has asked to represent himself at trial. Moore is claiming his arrest warrant and complaint are frauds, court records state.

Moore has sent several letters to the court and alleged he is a victim of government and law enforcement harassment, as well as judicial corruption. US District Court Judge Sam Lindsay ruled last week that Moore may represent himself at trial.

Gang Banging Rapper Videos

Moore’s Facebook posts indicate that he thought his rapper career would soon take off and he would be famous. According to one post, he said that the hardest part is transitioning from being on the streets to being a celebrity. He said he did not really want to be famous, but he needs to become famous to get his message out.

According to a biography on his record label website, Moore entered the rapping industry as one of the most anticipated artists with the street credibility to make him famous. The biography also states that his mother raised him after his dad passed away when he was only 4. His life changed at that point and he dropped out of school and moved to southern Dallas where he became involved with the Lagow Park Gangsters criminal gang.

The biography states that his involvement with the gang hurt his ambitions because he was involved in several federal felonies, including aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, felony drug distribution and check forgery. He added that ‘Jay Mafia’ started to engage in gang banging criminal activity under Tyshon Hillary, a well known East Garland gang member. Hillary is currently serving a life prison sentence for killing a store clerk in a robbery back in 2003.

Moore was convicted for a felony robbery in Dallas County in 2002 and got 10 years in state prison. But he only was in prison for six months before being released. After he was released, he started to write rap music about his life. He created songs in a story format that told what he had gone through in his life. Moore released his initial recording in 2005 and after that he released a record on the label Outbreak Records.

The ATF started to investigate Moore three years ago when it was informed Moore was engaging in sex trafficking women from a Dallas strip club. He also was allegedly carrying firearms.

Jabari Howard, who is a police gang detective in Dallas, found that Moore had uploaded rap videos to Youtube from 2009 to 2015 that showed the man was in possession of several firearms. He noted that similar images had been posted on his Facebook account.

In one of the videos, Moore is seen working a shotgun’s action and a shotgun shell is shown being ejected from the chamber. Howard also found out that Moore had pawned firearms at a pawnshop in Irving in 2015, including a semi automatic rifle and a shotgun. He was charged for these transactions.

According to the updated indictment, Moore also coerced or persuaded a minor female to send him a pornographic image. Also, in November 2015, two of Moore’s attorneys requested to leave the case because Moore had allegedly made a false claim that they were working with the federal government to keep him detained illegally.

Other Rappers Often Arrested on Firearms Charges

Moore is not the only rapper arrested on firearms possession charges in recent years. This month, Chicago rapper G Herbo was arrested for illegal gun possession, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Herbert Wright (his real name) and another man were allegedly armed with a loaded gun when their car was pulled over by police. They were taken into custody and were charged with a felony count of aggravated unlawful use of a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a Firearm Owners Identification card.

G Herbo has made a name for himself in and out of Chicago by working with big name rappers such as Jeremih, Lil Durk and Common. Last week, the rapper released a deluxe version of his Humble Beast album, which has a remix to Everything, a song featuring Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert.