Ex-MLB Millionaire Pitcher Busted With 44 Pounds of Heroin

By - February 12, 2018
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Ex-MLB All-Star pitcher Esteban Loaiza was placed under arrest in San Diego last week on a federal charge of possessing 44 pounds of cocaine or heroin, according to federal court records.

Loaiza, 46, was held by federal authorities this week on a single felony count of possessing 44 pounds of narcotics and two felony counts of possessing and transporting narcotics with intent to distribute. The street value of the drugs is at least $500,000.

Loaiza is a two time All Star pitcher being held on a bail of $200,000. He was booked into the South Bay Detention Center late last week. He was stopped for a traffic violation in San Diego when he left a home in Imperial Beach, California. His car is allegedly being used to smuggle drugs.

Police conducted a search of his vehicle and found a special aftermarket compartment that was used to conceal the drugs.

Loaiza was born in Mexico, and won 126 games in his Major League Baseball career. He played for eight baseball teams in 14 years. Some of them were the Pirates, Rangers, Blue Jays and Yankees. He ended his career after he pitched 10 games for the White Sox in 2008. His best season was in 2003 when he won 20 games and was 2nd in Cy Young voting for the American League while he played for the White Sox. He had a 2.90 ERA and 207 strikeouts for the White Sox in his best year.

He made more than $43 million in his career, and was the husband of singer Jenni Rivera, who was killed in a plane crash in 2012.

Loaiza’s agent John Boggs told the media he had no information about the arrest and had no idea how the ex-MLBer had gotten involved in such an alleged scheme. He told the media that he was saddened by the news and that he never had any indication the ballplayer would be in that type of business, and it was difficult for him to comment on it.

Others Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Recent Months

Loaiza is the most famous recent example of a person being arrested on federal charges of drug possession and drug trafficking, but it is a common charge these days. This is not a surprise because it has been widely reported that the US continues to lead the world in illegal drug use. This is despite the country’s tough anti-drug laws. According to a recent WHO survey of illegal and legal drug use across the world, the US was found to have the most illegal drug users. Marijuana use was the highest in the US with a rate of 42.4%. Also, Americans have been reported to be four times more likely to use cocaine than any other nation.

Below are some of the recent cases according to 2018 media reports.

Tampa Tech Executive Arrested on Drug Charges

David Bellini, the co-founder of ConnectWise, was arrested over the weekend and was charged with drug trafficking. Belini was being held in Hillsborough County, Florida Jail overnight. He has been facing health problems related to using drugs to fight chronic pain, according to a company statement. ConnectWise is the biggest software development company in Tampa Bay.

Bellini was placed under arrest in his home in Tampa. He had in his possession 24 grams of heroin and fentanyl. Fentanyl is a very powerful opioid that can kill in tiny doses.

Bellini has been dealing with chronic pain for years, according to the chief operations officer for the company, Jason Magee. He said Bellini has become addicted to illegal pain medications because of his pain.

Bellini and his brother founded the company in 1982 originally as an IT consulting company. The company spun off another company focused on IT automation software in the early 1990s. In more recent times, the company has bought software to assist MSPs and technology solution providers to better automate their businesses.

Tallahassee FL Police Arrest Man on Felony Drug Charges

Nathan Skobel, 20, was arrested by Florida University Police last week. According to state arrest documents, the man sold drugs to undercover officers near the college on several occasions in December 2017. After an investigation, the man was placed under arrest on four counts of possession of narcotics without a prescription, cocaine trafficking, using a weapon during the commission of a felony, and possession of pot within 200 feet of a college.

Amarillo TX Man Sentenced to Life for Drug Trafficking

A man from Amarillo will go to federal prison for life after he was sentenced for firearm and felony drug offenses. Moises Jimenez, 39, was sent to prison for life for a single count of distribution with intent to distribute cocaine, a single count of distribution and possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth and a single count of possession of a gun to further the commission of a drug trafficking crime.

In January 2015, the police department in Amarillo performed a search warrant of the man’s apartment and found drugs, a gun and $22,000 in cash. Also found was drug trafficking paraphernalia. During interviews with the police the man admitted to having possession of the drugs and firearm, and also delivering 50 pounds of meth just a week before the search warrant was performed.

Two Boston Men Faced Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Two men in Boston were arrested in Whitman MA over the weekend and will be arraigned on drug trafficking charges, police said. Jon Vanrader Jr., 27, of Brockton and Reginald Sadm, 25, of New Bedford, were placed under arrest by state agents. Sadm was released on bail of $$3000 and Vanrader is still being held on a bail of $5000.

Police in Whitman stated they found 30 grams of fentanyl, 17 ounces of marijuana, Xanax and Suboxone, drug packaging materials, two cell phones and $3400 in cash when they searched the vehicle.