Charlie Sheen Denies Raping 13 Year-Old Corey Haim

By - November 9, 2017
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Actor Charlie Sheen claims that he did not rape the deceased child star Corey Haim when he was 13 on the set of ‘Lucas’ in 1986. Last week, one of Haim’s actor friend, Corey Feldman, and another former actor told the media that Haim had been sexually assaulted by Sheen, a form of statutory rape.

The other actor, Dominick Brascia, told the National Enquirer that Haim told him that he had had sex with Sheen when they made Lucas. He also claimed that the deceased actor said that they had smoked pot and then had anal sex, a serious sex crime with a minor. Haim allegedly added that after it occurred, Sheen became cold towards and rejected him. When Haim wanted to have sex again, Sheen was not interested. If the allegation is true, it would constitute statutory rape because Sheen was 20 years old at the time.

It is difficult to determine if the allegation is true because Haim died in 2010 from pneumonia and alveolar damage at age 38. Haim was the star in several films with Corey Feldman when both were teens, and in Hollywood, the boys were known as The Coreys.

According to a representative for Feldman, the actor only can speak about the experiences that he had in Hollywood personally. He only is able to talk about events that he experienced and saw. Anything that is recounted from other victims or third parties is only hearsay. The rep added that it is sad that not all of the alleged victims are still alive to tell their stories.

Feldman however did write in his memoir in 2013 that the two boys were molested; in the book, he mentioned that a man did molest Haim. Feldman wrote in the book that the first time that they met, they talked about Lucas, which was shot in the summer of 1985. Feldman actually wanted that role for himself.

Feldman said that Haim told him that during the filming, an adult male that was not named had convinced him that it was normal for younger boys and adult men to have sex in Hollywood. At that point, Feldman said, the man and the young Haim walked off to a private area between two trailers and had anal sex. Feldman wrote in the memoir that the man who raped Haim is a very successful person in Hollywood and still making a lot of money today.

Feldman also did an interview in 2011 where he did not have kind things to say about Charlie Sheen. Feldman said he was not a fan of Sheen; while he did not usually talk ill of any actors in the media, but with Sheen, he said that he knew how the actor had negatively affected people that Feldman knew. Feldman also said that Haim and Sheen mostly started their acting careers together, and Haim fought for years to recover from negative experiences involving Sheen.

Another unnamed insider in Hollywood who knew Haim said that Haim was very confused by the sexual encounter he had with the older Sheen. He apparently believed that he was in love with him, but Sheen did bully the young actor into having sex with him and took advantage of him.

A National Enquirer report also stated that dozens of other sources claimed that Haim had told them about the abuse that Sheen had allegedly inflicted upon him.

Those other sources also claimed that Sheen had behaved inappropriately with other minors on the set of Lucas in 1985. One woman on the set claimed that she was 17 when Sheen kissed her on set and asked her for sex in a bathroom. The woman who is now 49 stated that she was attracted to Sheen but that she was underage at the time.

Another woman, who was 18 at the time on the set of Lucas, said that at the cast wrap party, Sheen had grabbed her and gave her a French kiss, when his mouth was full of steak. The woman told him clearly after that she had no interest in him at all, noting that he was very conceited and arrogant, and behaved in an obnoxious manner on set.

Also, Sheen’s ex-wife alleged in 2006 that Sheen had visited websites that have young girls and boys having sex. She claimed that Sheen is a member of ‘disturbing websites’ that feature ‘very young girls’ who have pigtails, braces and no pubic hair who perform oral sex on one another.

Feldman Claims Illegal Sex in Hollywood Is Common

Feldman also stated in recent interviews that sex crimes, sexual harassment and sexual abuse is routinely covered up and protected in Hollywood. He stated on the Today Show in October 2017 that there is a tremendous amount of ‘darkness’ in Hollywood and a lot of it has to do with adult men having sex with children, both girls and boys.