Federal Charges Filed in Craigslist Home Invasion

By - September 9, 2014
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mugscraigslistThree men were arrested last week related to a home invasion and car chase in Gulf Breeze FL, and are facing both state and federal charges.

Robert Falcon Fraser, 26, Teandre Lanell Altman, 21, and Frank Anthony Rogers, 19, all were charged with possessing stolen firearms after they allegedly attacked, beat and robbed a man of 12 guns on Aug. 27.

The criminal complaint filed stated that Fraser and Altman are convicted felons who possessed the firearms. The guns that were allegedly stolen included shotguns, rifles and handguns. One was an AR-15.

The complaint alleges that the trio arranged to meet the man after Fraser’s acquaintance posted an online ad on Craigslist for a ‘casual encounter.’

The man responded to the ad, and after exchanging several text messages, he told her to come to his house.

The woman told the FBI that Fraser was supposed to take her to the meeting, but she decided to not do it. Fraser then agreed to take the woman and her kids to the store, and during that ride, one of the other men told her that if she did not meet the man, they would kill her.

So, the woman met with the victim at his house. Fraser, Altman and Rogers allegedly beat and choked the man, and stood on his neck. The men went through the house and closet and took 16 guns. After they left the house, they ran from the police in their car, going well over 100 mph through Gulf Breeze and Pensacola.

The group is alleged to have thrown several guns off a bridge, and they dumped the car in East Hill. The police found them walking in that area and the police arrested them. The police also found 12 guns near the abandoned car.

Federal investigators state that all men were charged with grand theft auto at the state level. The woman is facing a state charge for child cruelty and home invasion, but she did not have federal charges on her.

The affidavit states that Rogers has earlier convictions for possession of drugs, resisting arrest and burglary. Fraser also has convictions for grand theft auto, burglary and evading the police.

All men are in the Santa Rosa FL County Jail and are being held without bond.

About Federal Gun Charges

Federal gun laws are governed by USC 18 922 and cover penalties for anyone who commits a federal gun crime. In the case above, the trio is being charged at the federal level most likely because they were previously convicted felons.

Generally speaking, though, most federal gun laws focus on the improper importation and making of guns. That is why the laws define several types of firearms which may not be manufactured or sold. For the most part, most legal authority in developing other firearms legislation is left to the individual states, such as IL.

Federal guidelines state that the minimum sentence for using a gun in the commission of a felony is at least five years and may go up to 30 years.