The Mugshot Seen Around the Globe – Suspect Now Faces Federal Rap

By - July 7, 2014
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124905_1280x720Jeremy Meeks, the subject of a attractive mugshot that went viral around the globe after his arrest on state felony charges in California, has more trouble on the way. Now he has been indicted on federal charges too.

The charges were filed late last week due to Meeks’ prior criminal record, according to local authorities. He was convicted for grand theft in 2002, so prosecutors stated that he was a felon owning a firearm when he was most recently arrested June 18.

The federal indictment was filed by US Attorney Ben Wagner. The CBS affiliate in Sacramento reported that the document IDs Meeks as being in possession of a .45 pistol when he was arrested in June.

The LA Times has reported that Meeks could get up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted of the most recent charges. He also was charged in California state court last month with parole violations and illegally possessing a pistol. These new filings mean that the state court charges are going to be dismissed and will be transferred to US federal court.

In also was reported that the suspect may sign a modeling contract with a company called Blaze Models, based in Santa Monica CA. Meeks has an agent – Gina Rodriguez – who also works for other pop cultural names, such as Octomom Nadya Suleman. Some media reports stated that Meeks already had signed the $30,000 deal, but USA Today reported this week that he still is in negotiations.

Many people around the world swooned when they first saw his arrest  mugshot on social media. But police warned that Meeks is not someone to idolize. The convicted felon has already served years in prison. And he most recently was stopped in Stockton during a gang sweep by local law enforcement.

The police stated that Meeks was the driver and one of the passengers was on probation.

A search of the car found 9 mm ammo and a bag of marijuana. Also, a search of the trunk uncovered Meeks’ unregistered .45 with two magazines.

During his arraignment, the police increased bail from $900,000 to $1 million.

His mother, Katherine Angler, has started a fundraiser online to pay for his bail. She is using the crowdsourcing site

Meanwhile his wife is reported to not be pleased at all of the attention her husband’s mugshot has garnered. Meeks himself was reported to have said during a June 19 interview that while he appreciates the attention, he wants people to know that he is not a serious drug kingpin or criminal.

The Stockton Police disagree, saying that he is one of the most violent criminals in the city.

About Federal Gun Charges

Federal laws for these types of crimes are very complex. All states as well as the feds have laws that deal with who is allowed to own guns, and where they can be carried.

Punishments for gun crimes can vary a lot, depending on the specifics. In the case of a convicted felon, that person can have his or her sentence enhanced in a new crime if they were carrying a gun.

Many sentences for federal gun crimes range from five to 10 years.