Vaccine Researcher Faces Felony Charges for Research Fraud

By - June 27, 2014
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Some experts say that scientific fraud is rampant in the vaccine industry, arguing that most vaccines are not effective and so to make them look like they work, researcher may even spike blood samples with antibodies. The argument is that they are trying to make it appear that the vaccine produced the antibodies.

Merck has been accused of doing this with MMR vaccines, according to people who used to work in the virology lab. They actually filed a False Claims Act with the US government. This is also why almost 97% of children who got measles or mumps had already been vaccinated against these diseases.

But now, a vaccine scientist who received funds from the NIH has actually confessed to contaminating test subject blood samples with antibodies. This researcher – Dong-Pyou Han – has been indicted because he allegedly took $5 million in grant money from NIH for his research at Iowa State University. The media and many vaccine supporters said that this research was groundbreaking and a big game changer in the quest for a vaccine for AIDS.

But it was suspected that Han had committed serious scientific fraud and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. He also stands accused of diverting resources from other vital research projects. Federal prosecutors now have charged him with making false statements to the federal government, and he is facing four felony counts. Each of them carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

The prosecution of this case has caused some in the industry to wonder – why aren’t more vaccine researchers who are fraudulent charged with crimes? Also, it is uncertain why companies such as GSK are still conducting business with the US government, as that company has actually admitted to several felonies for briging doctors.

The reason that companies can get away with a good deal of this is most likely because the vaccine industry in the US really has relatively few competitors. There is strong demand for the product, but not a lot of competition. So it follows that these companies can bend the rules to a certain degree. In reality, vaccines are one of the few products that can be sold in the US improperly and kill people, and still there is little liability costs that the companies face.

This has been the case, according to some sources, where vaccines have even contained glass shards and high levels of mercury.

According to federal law, a vaccine manufacturer actually faces little chance of repercussions for spiking a vaccine with bacteria or heavy metals. While they do not really do this, the manufacturers have no liability for any lawsuits, so vaccine manufacturers actually have little pressure for quality control.

And researchers who commit fraud also usually get slaps on the wrist rather than charged with serious crimes.

Many experts maintain that it is long time that there should no longer be legal immunity for research fraud. It remains to be seen, in light of the current prosecution above, if there will be more of a focus on prosecuting this type of research misconduct.