TX Drug Dealer Gets 10 Years on Federal Gun Charge

By - December 31, 2013
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Messed-up meth deals lead to payback attempt and shooting.

Charles Gauna, 24A drug dealer from Lubbock TX received a prison sentence of 10 years last week for shooting a pistol at a person who ripped him off in a drug deal. There were several human and mechanical witnesses to the crime.

US District Judge Sam Cummings gave the maximum sentence against Jarrod Gauna, who pleaded guilty to carrying a handgun to the drug deal.

Gauna is still going to face a state assault charge for shooting the man named Ira Rotramel outside a convenience store last April in Lubbock.

Cummings ordered the convict to serve the federal sentence at the same time for the aggravated assault charge. Those two sentences would follow the prison time that the district judge on the case orders.

Gauna pleaded guilty to two counts of tampering with evidence, fraudulent possession of IDs, a single count of possession of 1 to 4 grams of a controlled substance, one count of possession of under a gram of a controlled substance in a drug free area, and a count of possession with intent of 1-4 grams in a drug free area.

The court documents on the case show an odd tale of revenge and drug rip offs. It all culminated in the shooting of Rotramel at the convenience store, without showing any regard for the safety of other people.

It started when Gauna sold meth to Rotramel. He decided that the drugs were fake and he wanted revenge. He called up Gauna to buy more and they met outside of that convenience store.

The surveillance camera at the store shows the man walking up to the tan Lincoln where the other was. The Lincoln followed the man and the camera showed three muzzle flashes coming from the Lincoln. The police officer who filed the report stated that the suspect fired the gun with no regard for the safety of innocent people. There were many children in the convenience store.

Rotramel was hit in the toe and the right shoe.

The case got more intense in May when a witness called the police and said that Gauna had told him that he needed to get out of town because he had shot someone. The witness stated that he had gotten rid of the gun in a container of cement.

The police continued to work on the case, and the weapon was eventually found in the bucket of cement and removed.

In a drug case, federal charges often apply when there are larger quantities of drugs involved, because this usually means that there was intent to distribute or sell the drugs. This act involves interstate commerce in many cases, so that is why federal charges are brought. In many of these drug cases, minimum mandatory sentences apply, which usually are five to 10 years in federal prison.