MI Felon Posts Gun Photos On Facebook – Indicted on Federal Firearms Charges

By - November 13, 2013
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A suspect in three bank robberies in Grand Rapids, MI, was indicted this week on federal firearms charges after he posted pictures on Facebook as he held various firearms.

Hollis Nunnery, 24, was arraigned Nov. 12 by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Scoville on charges of being a felon who was in possession of guns and ammunition.

Nunnery has pleaded not guilty.

The judge on the federal case ordered the suspect’s detention until the trial. Nunnery was arrested last month on a complaint that alleged that he illegally had a gun as a felon, according to court records.

The Grand Rapids police department consider Nunnery as a suspect in three bank robberies over the summer.

An investigator at the FBI found an account on Facebook that was not under Nunnery’s name that had several pictures of him holding firearms. The pictures showed Nunnery holding a black pistol with a laser site

The pictures were posted on Facebook in June and September. The robberies were done between July and September. Grand Rapids police also recovered three firearms from the home of his girlfriend.

During the police investigation, the police found out that Nunnery often stayed at the house of his girlfriend. The FBI Violent Crime Task Force went to the house on Oct. 1. The investigators watched as he left the house. When he saw the police, he ran inside and tried to run out the back of the house. He saw the police in the back and then ran inside.

He was heard yelling in the house: “Where’s the gun?”

The police then set up a perimeter around the house. Nunnery came out a few minutes later after he was ordered to do so.

The police got a search warrant of the girlfriend’s home and recovered three guns. A loaded semiautomatic pistol was found in the basement, and a Mossberg shotgun was found behind a door. Also, a .45 handgun was found in the back yard.

Matthew Kubiak, a police officer, found that the guns looked to be the same ones that he was holding in the Facebook pictures.

Nunnery was convicted in the past for carrying a firearm, distributing a fake controlled substance, using a firearm in a felony and felony assault.

After he was arrested, Nunnery would not confirm or deny that he owned the guns that were seized. Police stated that records indicated that his girlfriend bought two of the guns. She denied having knowledge that Nunnery possessed a gun.