Feds Tell Victims’ Families: Hunt for Mobster Cash Not Over + Video

By - November 13, 2013
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Federal agents have told the relatives of the murder and extortion victims of mobster Whitey Bulger that they are continuing to hunt down his hidden wealth and are going to continue to do so after he is sentenced, which is set for Nov. 14.

At this point, according to lawyer Mike Heineman, all the feds have found to this point was in Bulger’s Santa Monica CA apartment, which was $822,000. The stash of cash is going to be used to satisfy a large financial judgement against Bulger, which could be as much as $25 million. The feds estimate that Bulger made up to $25 million in his decades of illegal activities.


According to federal spokeswoman Christina Sterling, the US government is going to continue to pursue and recover as much of Bulger’s illegal assets as possible. It is likely that multiple federal agencies are going to be working on the search.

This statement by the US government has persuaded many of the relatives to drop requests to US District Court Judge Denise Casper to announce a special investigator to look into Bulger’s assets.

DEA agents who have been working on this case for years, have not detailed what steps they are taking to locate his assets. However, the leads have not been exhausted, the DEA said, because in a fugitive case such as Bulger’s, you are working in a backwards fashion, using whatever information they found in Santa Monica, and going backwards to where he has lived and hidden in the past. It is possible that millions of dollars could be stashed at places where Bulger previously resided.

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Bulger Trial and Background

James Bulger is a convicted Boston mobster who currently is facing life in prison. This week, he came face to face with the families of people he allegedly had murdered.

One of the family members, Steve Davis, the brother of one of his victims, called him a piece of shXt and yelled at him in court.

Sean McGonagle, who is the son of Paul McGonagle, who was murdered 40 years ago, called Bulger ‘Satan’ and said dying in the electric chair was too good of a fate for him.

McGonagle stated that Bulger called his house in 1975, and told the young boy that his dad would not come home for Christmas. And Bulger said that he was Santa Claus calling him.

This week, the judge on the case stated that all families of the 19 people who he allegedly had killed would be able to speak to Bulger in court. It was a chance for all of the family of the people he was accused of murdering to confront him.

The coming sentence in this case is the last chapter in the life of a legendary mobster who had a very notorious rise and fall. Bulger was the head of the notorious Winter Hill Gang, and was found guilty of extortion, money laundering and racketeering this past summer, and was linked to at least 11 murders. Prosecutors are calling for him to be locked away for life, and called him one of Boston’s worst killers.

According to US attorney Carmen Ortiz, Bulger was the head of a huge criminal gang, extorting money from dozens, and he flooded the city with illegal drugs. He also shot people who were innocent, strangled several women and murdered his competition. Then, he hid for 16 years.

Bulger was caught in California in 2011, years after he left town just before he was going to be indicted.