Fraud Charge Comes In For Teresa and Joe Giudice

By - October 20, 2013
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Fraud-Teresea-JoeThe couple Teresa and Giuseppe Giudice, featured on Real Housewives of New Jersey, were indicted this week on bank and bankruptcy fraud, according to US Attorney Paul Fishman.

The Giudices were charged this week in a long 39-count indictment that included conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud; bank fraud; making false statements on loan documents, and also bankruptcy fraud.

The fraud was done between 2001 and 2008. During that period, Teresa and Joe, who lived in New Jersey in Towaco, submitted several fake mortgage and loan applications. For instance, 2001, she applied for a $130,000 mortgage loan and claimed that she was an executive assistant, and she submitted fake W-2s.

Teresa and Joe also are accused of hiding assets during a bankruptcy petition back in 2009. They filed for Chapter 7 in 2009 and failed to disclose all of the information about the incomes from their businesses and also from the TV show.

Also, Joe did not file tax returns for four years, even though he made more than $900,000.

A special agent who works for the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit noted that if you live well in the US, you have the obligation to file accurate tax returns and to pay the right amount of tax. She noted that this sort of criminal conduct will be detected eventually and people who do these sorts of frauds should keep in mind that they will be held accountable eventually.

Together, the charges have a maximum sentence of at least 50 years in federal prison. However, this is not the only legal problem that the family in New Jersey is dealing with right now.

Joe is still waiting for a trial for improperly using identifying info of another person and also for impersonation. He was arrested in 2011 for this. He also faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted of these charges. The developer used the information of his brother to get a driver’s license. Joe has denied that he did anything wrong.

The Giudices have been on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since the show began four years ago. OK! Magazine has reported that Teresa makes over $600,000 per year from the show.

Teresa stated publicly this week that this has been a difficult time for her family. She still supports her husband, and she knows he only wants the best for them. She noted that she is highly committed to her family and wants to maintain their lives as much as she can. She wants to resolve the legal matters with the US government as quickly as she can.

Another news article this week stated that if the Giudices were arrested and sent to prison, that their children would not stay with Melissa and Joe Gorga. They said most likely, the children would stay with Joe’s sister and brother.

Friends of Teresa said that she wants people to think she is a tough, Italian woman, but she actually is very scared. Before she went to court, she was sick and threw up several times, according to media reports. But she feels a lot of pressure to keep a strong public face, as she does not want to upset her children.