Massachusetts Grand Larceny Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts groups several types of theft crimes into a broad ‘larceny’ category. Under state law, when someone takes possession of property that belongs to another person without their consent, this is larceny. The value of the property that was taken and the circumstances under which the theft occurred determines the crime that… Read More »

Massachusetts Murder & Homicide Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

When a person kills another person, regardless of intent, it is usually called a homicide in Massachusetts. But murder is where a person knowingly and specifically kills another human being or causes them substantial bodily harm and that person eventually dies due to their injuries. In Massachusetts, you can be prosecuted for first degree or… Read More »

Massachusetts Manslaughter Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges are both governed by Massachusetts General laws Chapter 265 Section 13. You can be charged with manslaughter if your action led to the death of another human being. This is a very different charge from murder, which applies when the case involves malice aforethought or premeditation. While manslaughter is a… Read More »

Massachusetts Felony Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

In Massachusetts, you can be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony. If the crime that you have been accused of can be punished only by a jail sentence, it is a misdemeanor. If it includes a potential state prison sentence, it is a felony. The Massachusetts state legislature defines felonies and misdemeanors in the… Read More »

Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

Drug trafficking is defined in Massachusetts state law as possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute, or to be actively distributing a certain quantity of drugs. The state or federal prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that all elements associated with the drug possession are true, as well as a specific type… Read More »

Massachusetts Assault Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

In Massachusetts, there are laws against both assault and assault and battery. Assaults and batteries that cause serious injury, or are committed against a certain class of victims, can be punished as felonies. Laws regarding assault and assault and battery are covered in Massachusetts General Laws Part IV Title 1 Chapter 265 Section 13A. An… Read More »

Massachusetts Child Pornography Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

The possession, distribution and production of child pornography is aggressively prosecuted in Massachusetts. Child pornography laws are increasingly being used to punish use of Internet and computer technology to obtain, distribute and share pornographic material that involves minors who are under the age of 18. Similar to federal laws, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section… Read More »

Massachusetts Tax Evasion Laws, Charges and Statute of Limitations

In Massachusetts, tax evasion is a serious crime that can result in serious criminal and financial consequences. Tax evasion crimes in the Commonwealth usually relate to crimes that are conducted when the return is filed, and crimes related to not filing the return at all. In this state and across the state, common tax evasion… Read More »

Massachusetts Sex Crime Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Being accused of a sex crime is possibly one of the most serious charges someone could ever face, particularly if the offense includes a child or a minor. The consequences will last a lifetime. Penalties include prison sentences, fees, a criminal record and having to register as a sex offender, possibly for life. This, in… Read More »

Massachusetts Embezzlement Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Embezzlement in Massachusetts is classed as a larceny offense. It means that items were removed from their rightful owner. Usually, no violence is committed, which is why it is classed as a ‘white collar’ crime. It is covered under Massachusetts General Laws Part IV, Title I, Chapter 266. Massachusetts Laws and Penalties There are three… Read More »

Massachusetts Conspiracy Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Conspiracy is a crime whereby at least two individuals agree to engage in some sort of criminal act together. Conspiracy can either be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending mainly on the actual crime that was committed, or what they conspired to commit. In most states, including Massachusetts, defendants can be charged with the crime… Read More »

Massachusetts Credit Card Fraud Charges & Penalties + Statute Of Limitations

Credit and debit card fraud is one of this country’s fastest growing crimes. According to Massachusetts law, this type of fraud can include a range of different offenses. These include illegally using credit cards in order to have a monetary gain. The laws in Massachusetts have been designed to be very clear on the consequences… Read More »