Federal Client Cases

Put Attorney Nathan’s High Not Guilty Success Rate To Work For You

Internationally recognized, Attorney Nathan can normally prevent your case from going to a costly and uncertain trial. However, when a trial is needed, Attorney Nathan has successfully represented thousands of people accused of very serious crimes throughout Massachusetts as well as nationally.

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Notable Case Results

  • Operation Varsity Blues – Represented Whistleblower that resulted in the arrest of over 50 persons for academic cheating.
  • Telexfree Multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme – This Ponzi scheme the largest fraud of all time in terms of the number of people defrauded – more than 1 million, with claimants in numerous Nations. Representation of unindicted co-conspirator since 2012.  Defendants were known for operating in Brazil where they could not be extradited to Massachusetts to face federal and international charges
  • Narcotics Trafficking – United States District Court Nathan defended Oscar Rodriguez who was charged with being the organizer leader of one of the largest narcotics distribution empires in the world. Rodriguez Cruz was facing life in prison Attorney Nathan got him a plea deal sparing him life in prison for drug king pin and career criminal which two other lawyers could not pull off.
  • Kill Team – Nathan defended SPC Jeremy Morlock in a court-martial at Joint Base Lewis-McCord(6). Morlock a member of the Army’s 5th Stryker Brigade, was one of five soldiers charged in the deaths of three Afghan civilians that occurred in Southern Afghanistan between January and May 2010. Prosecutor’s proved that Morlock, Staff Sgt. Calvin R. Gibbs, Spc. Adams C. Winfield, Spc. Michael S. Wagnon 11, Pfc. Andrew H. Holmes and Morlock participated in one or more civilian murders and staged them to make unarmed Afghans appear to be armed insurgents.
  • Operation Iron Triangle – From June 2006-2010 Nathan defended William Hunsacker at the Army clemency and parole board in Alexandria Virginia. Hunsacker had been prosecuted at Fort Campbell Kentucky in the case of a triple murder in Iraq. Hunsacker was one of four soldiers belonging to the 101st Airborne Division who were accused of executing suspected Al Qaeda insurgents that were captured during a raid in Iraq this case was the featured story in the New Yorker magazine. Rules of Engagement? By Stephen Mestrovic Algora publishing 2008 the kill company, magazine only.
  • Execution of Iraqi Detainees – From March 2008 through present Nathan defended SFC Joseph Mayo accused of executing various Iraqi snipers that were caught but then released by the United States to the streets in downtown Baghdad. There were other soldiers from the same unit who were also charged in connection with the alleged shootings.

Federal Case Results

Extradition and Drug trafficking: a 50-year-old Dominican Republic man and former candidate for the presidency of that country is indicted by the United States attorney’s office and extradited to the United States from the DR He avoids a life sentence and pleads out to less than 10 years in prison given the amount of time that he was held the sentence was relatively brief. He remains a satisfied federal charges.com client

Bank fraud: a 41-year-old man has his assets seized in a $10 billion wire fraud and resolves his matter by way of disposition with the United States Attorney’s office and remains a satisfied federal charges.com client

Postal fraud: a 38-year-old man is indicted by postal inspectors for overtime Friday and is deal is relatively swiftly imposed making him a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Bank Fraud: a 35-year-old man is indicted by the FBI for and his deal is to pay the money back and he stays out of prison. He remains a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Wire fraud: a 32-year-old man is indicted by the United States Attorney’s office for loan fraud and gets to keep $4 million but goes to jail in a camp he remains an unsatisfied federalcharges.com client

Child pornography: a 32-year-old man is indicted by the United States Attorney’s office for possession of child pornography and services sentencing a treatment facility and is discharged to probation he remains a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Gun Trafficking: a 28-year-old man is caught on camera by law enforcement for packing illegal guns onto a commercial airliner is indicted by federal authorities he resolves this case and serves a brief prison sentence he remains a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Terrorism: a 25-year-old man tries to leave the United States to join an international terrorism group he is sentenced accordingly to a maximum security federal prison and has not been heard from since his sentence was imposed.

Bank and mortgage fraud: a 30-year-old man is indicted for bank and mortgage fraud, second offense, and resolves this matter amicably and is a satisfied federalcharges.com client

International tax fraud:  a 34-year-old man is charged in a complex international tax fraud and pleads his case and is a satisfied federalcharges.com client and serves a prison sentence on top of forfeiture of his $10 million profit

Conspiracy: a man is indicted and skips out on his bail but is picked up later entering the United States for vacation he pleads his case to avoid a superseding indictment and is a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Conspiracy: a Canadian man is indicted & never appears in court so there is no default warrant but is picked up later and extradited to the United States he pleads his case but is an unsatisfied federalcharges.com client

Mortgage and Bank fraud: a man enters his appearance as an interested person to complain about the light sentence imposed in the case and at sentencing is heard accordingly. He remains a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Attempt to blow up commercial airliner: a foreign national attempts to blow up a commercial airliner. Reid is sentenced to life in prison. Reid pleads guilty of trying to explode a bomb on a plane, and a year after being indicted was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was the first Briton to try to crash a plane in the name of Islamist extremism. Has never been heard from again and is serving his sentence in a maximum-security facility in Colorado

tax fraud: a married couple tries to avoid taxes by monkeying around with their taxes and they get caught & are sentenced accordingly. They remain a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Gang indictment: a gang banger who has spent most of his life in prison anyway flips to avoid life in prison and is a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Child pornography and child enticement: a life sentence is avoided by pleading out to the minimum but gets 20 years he remains a satisfied federalcharges.com client

Conspiracy to defraud: a man tries to flip to avoid prison but he isn’t really used after he rips off his employer as a co-conspirator but gets one year anyway. He has not been heard from since the sentence was imposed