California Drug Conspiracy Laws + Penalties & Statute of Limitations

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A drug conspiracy charge in California relates to an agreement between at least two people to commit an illegal drug crime. Many people think that a conspiracy to commit any type of crime must involve many people, but this is not the case. The majority of drug conspiracy charges in California and elsewhere are filed when a small group of people have agreed to and made plans to commit a drug crime.

California Laws and Penalties

One of the things to understand about a drug conspiracy charge in California is that this type of charge is often used by the authorities to get people arrested and convicted if they are not able to for other charges. It is quite easy for the federal government to prove a conspiracy charge. They only need to show that you were involved in a plan indirectly to commit a crime. You need not have actually done anything to commit the crime. All that needs to be shown is that there was a verbal agreement between the parties and someone did commit an act to further the crime.

Regarding punishment, note that you will be punished in the same way as is provided for that felony. So if you are involved in a conspiracy to traffic cocaine, you will be punished for the felony of drug trafficking. This can be up to 20 years in state or federal prison.

The difficulty in a California drug conspiracy case is to determine how much action really has to be taken to further a conspiracy. Generally, the action that was taken to further the conspiracy does not have to have been a criminal act in and of itself. If the prosecution is going to be successful, they must prove that an act was indeed carried out to further the drug conspiracy.

Many people who are charged with a drug conspiracy charge in California may not be aware at all of the crimes. With a strong defense lawyer, you may be able to put up a strong argument that you did not even know the crimes were being committed.

California Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for a drug conspiracy charge in California is the same as the full felony charge. In the case of a more serious crime, such as murder, there is no statute of limitations. For drug cases involving conspiracy, the statute of limitations is five years.

Key California Drug Conspiracy Cases

  • Pinellas Park Doctor Charged in Drug Conspiracy – A doctor in Pinellas Park, CA was indicted for prescribing pain drugs that resulted in three patients dying. He also was indicted for conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs outside of his professional practice. He faces life in prison.

  • Billings MT Man Charged With Meth Conspiracy – A man from Billings MT admitted that he helped a California drug deal to distribute methamphetamine and to deposit proceeds into his bank account as part of a large drug conspiracy.

  • Los Angeles CA Doctor Sent to Prison for Drug Trafficking – A doctor from Los Angeles CA was sent to federal prison for five years for illegally selling opiate painkillers to drug addicts, and also for drug conspiracy. Dr. Andrew Sun also was sentenced to three years of supervised release after his prison term.

  • 3 CA Men in Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy Case Plead Guilty – Three men from Pocatello CA pleaded guilty to drug charges this week, including conspiracy, money laundering and drug trafficking. The case involved the distribution of more than 900 grams of meth in the Burley CA area