Best Boston MA Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Why These Boston Criminal Lawyers?

We help connect consumers with top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Boston. To determine which are the best of the best, we scored each criminal defense attorney or law firm across a half-dozen metrics covering three categories. Each firm or attorney’s results were analyzed to bring you a handpicked list of the very best criminal defense lawyers in Boston.

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If you or a loved one have been arrested, do not delay seeking the assistance of an attorney. The sooner an attorney can get involved in your case, the better your chances of having a strong defense.

The attorney you hire may start right away, studying the authorities’ against you, doing legal research, and preparing legal motions. That’s why the sooner they begin, the better, as they work to chip away at the prosecution’s case against you.

Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Boston handle everything from DUIs to simple misdemeanors to white-collar crimes to violent felonies. Get the best legal defense in Boston by choosing from this list of best criminal defense attorneys.

Read the profiles below and choose the attorney or law firm that best aligns with your needs.

Best Boston Criminal Defense Lawyers

Here are the best criminal defense law firms and attorneys in Boston:

  1. Law Offices of Rosemary C. Scapicchio
  2. Joe Serpa
  3. Toland Law
  4. Gens, Stanton & Florek

Best Boston Criminal Defense Lawyers for 2021

If you or a loved one are looking for an outstanding criminal defense attorney in Boston, these lawyers are the best of the best.

Law Offices of Rosemary C. Scapicchio

107 Union Wharf

Boston, MA 02109

Phone: (617) 263-7400

The two attorneys at the Law Offices of Rosemary C. Scapicchio have a combined 30-plus years of experience, and almost the entire practice is focused on courtroom advocacy on behalf of those accused of crimes. The firm’s attorneys have been honored by SuperLawyers, Lawyers Weekly, and Martindale-Hubbard.

In addition to defending clients accused of crimes like conspiracy, firearms, murder, drug possession and trafficking, and more, the pair work to overturn results of unjust convictions and have sentences vacated or reduced. They work in Boston as well as the surrounding areas of Brookline, Cape Cod, Quincy, and more.

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Joe Serpa

20 Park Plaza #400A

Boston, MA 02116

Phone: (617) 936-0201

Attorney Joe Serpa has nearly three decades of legal experience, and his entire practice is focused on advocating for individuals accused of crimes. In addition to his work before and after trial to defend his clients, Serpa is regularly called upon to provide his legal expertise by Boston-area and national media outlets.

He was recently named one of the best DUI lawyers in Boston, and he was named to the Top 100 by National Trial Lawyers. Serpa has an office in Boston as well as one in Quincy, and his primary focus areas include defending those accused of domestic violence, drunken driving, firearms possession, drugs, computer crimes, and more.

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Toland Law

236 Commercial St #100

Boston, MA 02109

Phone: (857) 347-3701

Toland Law’s lead attorney Paul Toland began his career in the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, and there he handled more than 100 trials. Today, Toland Law’s biggest focus area is assisting immigrants with legal issues, including helping them mount asylum claims or establish permanent residency in the United States.

Toland has a 10.0 rating on Avvo and was named a SuperLawyers rising star. Other practice focus areas include defending those accused of DUI, violent crimes, property crimes, and more.

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Gens, Stanton & Florek

12 Ericsson Street

Boston, MA 02122

Phone: (617) 206-4675

The three attorneys at Gens, Stanton & Florek have defended clients on the state and federal level, including appearing before the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Partners Bradford R. Stanton and Ashley Florek have both been named rising stars by SuperLawyers, while partner William E. Gens was named Lawyer of the Year in 1997.

Their primary criminal defense practice areas include cases of sex offenses, murder, drug charges, free speech, embezzlement, white-collar crimes, and more. They have more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense as well as civil litigation around business and corporate law.

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What Types of Crimes Are Most Common in Boston?

Like other cities and states, property crime is far more common in Boston than any other type of criminal offense. In 2019, the most recent year for federal data on crime across the country, about 43,000 property crimes were reported in the Boston metro area, including the cities of Cambridge, Newton, Framingham, and Waltham. Meanwhile, about 13,000 violent crimes were reported in the Boston metro area.

That equates to a population-adjusted property crime rate of 1,051 per 100,000 in the metro Boston area. That’s a bit considerably lower than the overall national property crime rate of about 2,100 per 100,000, and it’s even lower than the property crime rate for other major cities. Among cities with populations in excess of 1 million, the population-adjusted property crime rate is 2,546.7 per 100,000, putting Boston at well below half that level.

Crimes in Boston, by number and per 100,000 people

Crime Number Per 100,000 people
All violent crimes 13,556 278
Murder 93 2
Rape 1,270 26
Robbery 2,333 48
Aggravated assault 9,860 202
All property crimes 51,327 1,052
Burglary 6,840 140
Larceny-theft 43,333 887.8
Motor vehicle theft 1,154 23.6

Among other major cities in Massachusetts, population-adjusted crime rates for Boston proper tend to be lower. Of the 10 biggest Massachusetts cities, Boston ranks fifth for both its population-adjusted rates of violent crime and property crime, though it has the third-highest murder rate, just behind Springfield and Brockton.

Unlike many other major U.S. cities, Boston has seen a decline in most types of crime when comparing 2021 to 2020. In many cities, violent crimes have risen while property crime continues its historic decline. But in Boston, homicide has fallen by nearly one-third, while overall, crime has dropped by about 16 percent.

It’s important to note that Boston police- and FBI-reported data does not cover closed cases or incidents for which a person was convicted.