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About Geoffrey G. Nathan, Esq.

You need a highly experienced federal criminal defense lawyer such as attorney Geoffrey Nathan who produces results due to his national profile and representation in the nation's most significant federal indictments: operation iron triangle, crossfire hurricane, operation varsity blues. Due to his reputation for excellence Attorney Nathan as a pure defense lawyer is available to consult with you and can explain how the is able to work within your budget.. For national consultations, call 1.877.472.5775.

Lawyer for Coronavirus Covid-19 Criminal Fraud Charges

We defend covid-19 fraud investigations and can work with leading scientists regarding: Federal prosecutors are ramping up their investigations against fraud schemes related to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus)  All U.S. Attorneys and all federal government investigators are prioritizing the investigation and prosecution of Coronavirus-related fraud schemes.  Each U.S. Attorney has a Coronavirus Fraud Coordinator to serve… Read More »

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Fraud Charges & Laws

Bitcoin is a relative newcomer in the world of finance, but as with any monetary instrument, there are cases of fraud and abuse with the cryptocurrency. For example, in early 2019, Randall Crater was indicted for allegedly leading the ‘My Big Coin’ cryptocurrency fraud that robbed at least $6 million from largely New York-based investors.… Read More »

Missouri Embezzlement Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime in Missouri. It is defined as withholding the assets of one or more people to whom the assets have been entrusted, and are misappropriated and used for another purpose. Missouri Laws and Penalties To be convicted of embezzlement in Missouri, there must be three elements present: There must be a… Read More »

Minnesota Embezzlement Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

An embezzlement offense in Minnesota is a financial crime that involves the illegal use of another person’s property. Unlike a larceny or theft offense where the crime involves wrongfully possessing another person’s property, embezzlement in Minnesota happens when your position, role or job gives them lawful access to and possession of the property, but the… Read More »

Maryland Embezzlement Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime in that is a serious problem in Maryland and across the United States. Embezzlement occurs when a person in a position of trust steals or misappropriates funds and/or property from an employer, business partner or related person or entity. Maryland Laws and Penalties For embezzlement to occur, three factors must… Read More »

Examples and Warning Signs of Embezzlement

Embezzlement is defined as the theft or larceny of assets – including money or property – by a person in a position of trust in a company with responsibility for those assets. Embezzlement most often happens in corporate and employment settings. There are many ways you can commit the crime of embezzlement. But below are… Read More »

What is the Definition of Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a common white collar crime in Massachusetts and all states. Embezzlement happens when a person steals or misappropriated funds or property from their employer, business partner or another person. For embezzlement to happen, there must be three factors present: A financial relationship between the victim and the accused; this is called a fiduciary… Read More »